Useful addresses of our company near Lyon

jalis marseille
Jalis is a company that has been specialising in SEO and web design solutions since 2002. This web agency in Marseille [...]
DTAMB platform
BIOfidal and DTAMB platform have developed a public - private partnership within Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University (UCBL [...]
BioEnviS federation UCBL 1 Lyon
BioEnviS research federation groups several biology laboratories, mostly based on the university campus la Doua at Ville[...]
Genomac, genetic testing in Czech Republic
Genomac is a provider of a wide range of genetic testing services and technology-based research in molecular life scienc[...]
Solis Biodyne
Solis BioDyne is a manufacturer of Taq DNA Polymerases for PCR and qPCR amplifications. It is the supplier of BIOfidal o[...]