Specialist in bioinformatic data analysis Grenoble - Custom DNA sequencing

Specialist in bioinformatic data analysis Grenoble

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Find here all the files that you need for ordering, troubleshooting your problems, and different informations.     Files Links to download    Sanger sequencing s[...]
Illumina MiSeq sequencing at Lyon
MiSeq system is an illumina's sequencer which the technology is based on SBS sequencing (Sequencing By Synthesis) technology.     SBS technology   The SBS technology is bas[...]
Amplicons sequencing guidelines Illumina MiSeq Lyon
Shipping informations for your short or long amplicons and metagenomics sequencing project     1- Your samples names annotations must be the same on the tubes and on this subm[...]
BIOfidal offers several DNA analysis services.     Custom research and consulting Our staff can assist you to define the best molecular biology tools for your projects. [...]
Biofidal is a company offering next generation sequencing services in Grenoble. Our scientists’ team is indeed at your disposal to help you with you Biotech R&D projects.

Our company is also expert in the field of DNA and RNA quality control in Grenoble. DNA purification, total RNA extraction, rRNA removal... Discover all the services performed by our company by browsing our website or contact us for further information.

Next generation sequencing and genotyping

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