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Our activities THEMIS

DNA Sequencing Services

DNA sequencing by the sanger method France - 16s microbial identification Toulouse - dNTP mix for PCR Amiens
  DNA sequencing activity at BIOfidal is well implanted during more than 15 years now. And because our activity development is also done through our visibility on your publicatio[...]
Ultrapure water analysis Metz - Genotyping fragment analysis Lyon - Microsatellite DNA markers Pau

dnarna quality control

NGS sequencing Lyon - DNA quantification fluorometer France - RNA quantification fluroescence Paris
DNA and RNA qualification Lyon
Shipping information for your DNA and/or RNA qualification on Bioanalyzer 2100 or QIAxcelPlease send us your samples in 8-strips PCR microtubes 0,2 ml or in 96-wells plate, well id[...]
DNA normalization Bordeaux - DNA size selection on BluePippin Rhône


AFLP technique France - MLVA genotyping analysis Vichy - MIRU genotyping method Angoulème
16S phylogenetic tree - Mignard S 2006
Comparative DNA sequencing analysis is widely considered to be the best genotypic method for microbial identification. The most common approach is PCR amplification and sequencing [...]
ARISA microbial diversity Versailles - Plasmid purification service Qimper

NextGen Sequencing

NGS sequencing Lyon - Whole genome shotgun sequencing Paris - Amplicon sequencing Illumina Marseille
Gene panel anaysis Lyon
Targeted gene sequencing is an effective solution to analyze a large-scale genes of interest from specific genetic diseases or others conditions. NextGen Sequencing allows a sensit[...]
de novo assembly Nice - DNA resequencing Nantes - Gene panel sequencing Lille


DNA gel loading dye Valence - PCR reagents Villeurbanne - Hot Start polymerase Brest
HotStart HOT BIOAmp Polymerase Biofidal France
HOT BIOAmp® DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified BIOAmp® Taq DNA polymerase and a high fidelity enzyme,  thus achieving high yield amplification with high fidelity. HOT B[...]
PCR master mix components Orléans - DNA polymerase Angers - qPCR probe master mix Limoges