Other NGS services offered by Biofidal near Lyon


In addition of the classical sequencing analysis, BIOfidal can be involved in collaborative projects for various developments of NGS sequencing libraries construction. We have successfully adapt a library construction for the analysis of transposon insertion sites for example.

So if you have a NGS project to design, do not hesitate to contact us for discussion.


BIOfidal can take in charge your libraries construction before the sequencing on another Illumina sequencing platform at very competitive prices.

Tn-seq reads map to reference genome Lyon
Tn-seq is a high throughput workflow using NextGen sequencing for the investigation of transposon mutant libraries by locating the transposon insertion sites in the genome and dete[...]
ChIP-seq workflow Lyon, https://www.bnl.gov/newsroom/news.php?a=11351
ChIP-seq is a powerful method used to analyze DNA and proteins interactions, like transcription factors or other proteins, by sequencing the binding sites of DNA-associated protein[...]
Pool of multiplexed libraries for NGS sequencing Lyon
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Nextera library preparation Lyon
The MiSeq system is a power tool mainly adapted to small genomes, targeted genes and amplicons analysis. However, our expertise is also adapted to eukaryotic genomes analysis.What [...]