Genotyping company near Lyon


BIOfidal proposes to analyze your diverses DNA fragments derived from methods based on PCR with fluorescent primers.


Up to 4 differents fluorescent dyes may be used for labeling, allowing for a greater amount of multiplexing in a single lane for higher throughput. An internal size standard, labeled with a fifth dye, provides accurate and reproducible size determination and quantification.


The dye mostly used to label the PCR product is 6-FAM (it works well and is cheaper than others), although our sequencer is calibrated to use all the following combinations:


Dye Color
 FAM Blue
 VIC / HEX / JOE  Green
 NED / TAMRA  Yellow
 PET Red
 ROX Red
 LIZ (Size standard) Orange


BIOfidal can also analyze your gentoyping profils with Genemapper d'Applied Biosystems - Thermo Fisher Scientific software.

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