DNA sequencing provider Lyon : DNA sequencing services in Toulouse

DNA sequencing services in Toulouse

You're looking for a company that specialises in next generation sequencing in Toulouse? Contact Biofidal. Our company is expert in DNA sequencing services to help you with your Biotech R&D projects.

Biofidal also offers a wide selection of products. Contact us if you're looking to buy qPCR, laboratory or PCR reagents in ToulouseFor more information about our services or the expertise of our company, feel free to contact us.

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Expert in high-throughput sequencing Toulouse
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NGS library construction specialist Toulouse
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Taxonomic classification of bacterial species Toulouse
Targeted gene panel sequencing Toulouse
Gene fusion detection specialist Toulouse
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Total RNA extraction procedure Toulouse
Next generation sequencing 16S rRNA Toulouse
DNA sequencing with chain-terminating inhibitors Toulouse
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms identification Toulouse
Whole genome sequencing service Toulouse
Cost of a capillary DNA sequencing Toulouse
Alternative splicing gene expression Toulouse
BigDye V3.1 terminators sequencing Toulouse
Cost genome annotation service Toulouse
Polymerase chain reaction high fidelity Toulouse
Specialist in bioinformatic data analysis Toulouse
Company specialist in mRNA purification Toulouse
Multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) Toulouse
Expert in VNTR and MIRU typing Toulouse
BigDye terminator cleanup Toulouse
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