DNA sequencing provider Lyon : Small RNA-seq

Small RNA-seq

Small RNA-seq is a cost-effective and accurate method to sequence and identify all small RNAs (miRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, siRNA) from total RNA in any species that are involved in gene expression and that have significant functions in many cellular processes. It also allows the discovery of new miRNAs and others small noncoding RNAs and miRNAs expression quantification.

What BIOfidal can do for you?

After reviewing your project, BIOfidal can offer you a complete workflow to analyze your samples: RNA extraction, NGS libraries construction and sequencing on MiSeq system.

What about the bioinformatics?

No analysis pipeline is available for now for small RNA-seq analysis. However, we can start a collaboration to develop this pipeline, do not hesitate to contact us.

What you need to provide us?

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