DNA sequencing provider Lyon : Ready-to-load NGS libraries

Ready-to-load NGS libraries

You have constructed by your own NGS libraries and you are looking for a MiSeq platform to sequence it?

What BIOfidal can do for you?

BIOfidal can propose you a complete quantitative and qualitative control quality of the multiplexed libraries pool or of each individual library before pooling and sequencing them on MiSeq sequencer. Please check on this page, which run sequencing type you need, or do not hesitate to contact us to choose the appropriate run sequencing type for your project.

What about the bioinformatics?

We have developed a lot of analysis pipelines for various applications. Please contact us to discuss about your project and evaluate it feasibility.

What you need to provide us?

We need at least, 8 nM of each library or multiplexed pool in a minimum volume of 30 µl.