DNA sequencing provider Lyon : MiSeq Illumina sequencing system at Lyon

MiSeq Illumina sequencing system at Lyon

MiSeq system is an illumina's sequencer which the technology is based on SBS sequencing (Sequencing By Synthesis) technology.



SBS technology


The SBS technology is based on four fluorescently-labeled nucleotides with a reversible dye terminator.

After DNA fragmentation and Illumina adaptors adding, each DNA fragment is immobilized and clonally amplified on the sequencing support, the flow cell, to generate up to 1,000 identical copies of each single template molecule. This spot forms a cluster. During each sequencing cycle, one of the 4 labeled nucleotides is added to the nucleic acid chain and the fluorescent dye is imaged by the sequencer to identify the incorporated base. The reversible terminator is then cleaved to allow the incorporation of the next nucleotide.



MiSeq sequencing system


The MiSeq system combines speed and simplicity for small genome, targeted gene and amplicons sequencing. Its allows the generation of up to 25 millions of reads with 15 Gb of output datas on a paired-end 2x300 bp reads lengths sequencing run on only 56 hours.


MiSeq run type and specifications:


Kit version

V2 Nano

V2 Micro



# Reads in single reads or # Reads by pair

1 million

4 millions

15 millions

25 millions

Read length (bp) and sequencing type

PE 2x150

PE 2x250

PE 2x150

  SR 50  

PE 2x150

PE 2x250

   SR 150  

 PE 2x75 

PE 2x300

Output datas

0,3 Gb

0,5 Gb

1,2 Gb

0,8 Gb

4,8 Gb

8 Gb

3,5 Gb

3,5 Gb

15 Gb