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Metagenomic: other genes investigation

Metagenomics sequencing enables the study of genome diversity of an entire microbial flora (including non-cultivable bacteria) or micro-organisms present in a given sample.

Even if the 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing is mostly used in metagenomics studies, it is also possible to analyze other marker genes (like ITS, rpoB, groEL, gyrB, recA genes…) to identify others bacterial genus.



What BIOfidal can do for you?


From the gDNA extraction, to the specific and indexation amplifications and high-throughput sequencing on MiSeq system, BIOfidal proposes a complete personalized workflow solution, allowing to multiplex until 864 PCR products (up to 600 bp) simultaneously on a single run. You can trust on our reactivity, fast delivery, low prices and scientific support for the best adaptation of protocols and techniques to the goals of your projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more samples to multiplex or for further information.



What about the bioinformatics?


We have developed a complete analysis pipeline for the entire fragment reconstruction, allowing a more reliable detection and identification a large prokaryotic broad range down to the genus or species level. Depending on the analyzed genes, please inquire to know if the bioinformatics analysis is possible.



What you need to provide us?


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Your publications

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