DNA sequencing provider Lyon : Long amplicon sequencing

Long amplicon sequencing

Amplicon ultra-deep sequencing is the best way to analyze your PCR products for genetic variations in specific genomic regions (SNP detection, InDel) with a high coverage on a large-scale DNA products.



What BIOfidal can do for you?


We are able to sequence up to 864 long amplicons from 2 to 15 kb by NGS sequencing on MiSeq system with 30X minimum coverage. In this particular case, we take in charge the PCR primer design, amplification on your samples and all the quantifications and quality controls. Libraries are done for a minimum of 20 samples and the run sequencing can be done on a paired-end 2x300 bp length or others. You can trust on our reactivity, fast delivery, low prices and scientific support for the best adaptation of protocols and techniques to the goals of your projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



What about the bioinformatics?


We have developed a complete pipeline for de novo reconstruction of your sequences, sequence alignment on a reference genome for variant detection (SNP analysis, InDel).



What you need to provide us?


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Your publications

Flandrois JP et al. Application en phylogénie du séquençage en bloc de l'opéron ribosomique principal. Poster session presented at: Journée d’échanges de la FR BioEnviS, Villeubanne. 2016 Oct 27