Custom DNA sequencing Lyon

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BIOfidal supports your research and diagnostics applications in diverse fields using molecular biology tools. We focus on Custom DNA sequencing techniques, either Sanger Capillary DNA sequencing or NextGen High Throughput Sequencing. Our porfolio includes Sanger DNA sequencing of PCR or plasmid (routine sequence verification, large DNA sequencing project, DNA walking), and NextGen sequencing (whole genome for de novo or resequencing, Massive Amplicon sequencing, RNA-seq...). Our DNA Sequencing services can be used for diverse applications (16S Microbial Identification, ITS fungal identification, Patients mutation screening, GMO validation, etc….).

BIOfidal can also do genotyping analysis like MLVA, VNTR, MIRU, STR and microsatellite analysis.


Last but not least, our lab distributes a complete line of PCR, qPCR and Post PCR Analysis Reagents. Those High quality, robust products are used everyday in our own lab for our sequencing and genotyping services, all at very very competitive prices.


After close to 20 years activity, our customers portfolio includes, hospitals, research institutions, private companies, all working in clinical diagnostics, agrofood testing, microbiology and virology labs, and many other fields.


Quality is our value, reactivity our goal, adaptability our DNA, we are at work for the satisfaction of our customers.